SIPOS supports Chinese desulphurisation drive

A mandate by the Chinese government in 2005 detailed how thousands of the country’s coal-fired power plants could be ‘desulphured’. Following this, SIPOS Aktorik has recently received orders for more than 1,700 SIPOS 5 electric actuators as part of the environmental protection programme. The company’s devices are being installed to support De-NOx (Denitration) and De-SOx flue gas desulphurisation.

A significant proportion of China’s electricity had been produced by burning coal. As part of the desulphurisation initiative, power plants have been encouraged to consider new technologies that can reduce emissions. SIPOS secured the significant order for its actuators due to product quality and control/performance features via its established Beijing subsidiary. The ability to provide local support was particularly instrumental in the selection of SIPOS’ actuators.

SIPOS established a subsidiary in Beijing in 1999, followed by a second facility in Shanghai. The major commercial centre of Shanghai was a natural second choice of location for the electric actuator manufacturer.