SIPOS Aktorik’s actuators played a pivotal role supporting programmable valve technology at a North Water Reclamation Facility. The new non-potable water pumping station in Erie, Colorado distributes treated water from a storage reservoir to the town’s irrigation system and to Boulder Creek in the Rocky Mountains. The optimised solution developed for the station by Pipestone Equipment minimises hydraulic transients during normal and emergency conditions with low headloss ball valves controlled by SIPOS’ electric actuators.

SIPOS’ actuators were programmed to create linear acceleration and deceleration of water during normal pump operation. And, in the event of loss of electrical power, the actuators ensure rapid closure via back-up from an uninterruptible power supply. Linear flow rate change is also provided: this ensures minimum system transients and easy calibration/adjustment of the speed-time curve. Technically significant features reported for the scheme include the combination of engineered pump control and surge anticipation valves, which minimise hydraulic transients and extend the life of the system.