Saint-Gobain acquires LS Kunststofftechnologie

Saint Gobain Seals Group reinforced its position in seal rings applications with the acquisition of LS Kunststofftechnologie, a German manufacturer of high-performance polymer components for the automotive, medical and industrial markets. The German company’s expertise in this application is an added value to the Seals Group’s already established polymer product lines, especially for sites in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA, and Kontich, Belgium, where their polymers are manufactured.

Seal rings are found in different markets and applications where leakage is critical such as transmissions (AT, CVT, and DCT), differentials and gearboxes as well as air conditioning compressors in the automotive sector; refrigeration compressors; and FPSO compressors in the oil and gas sector.

Depending on working conditions (such as temperature, pressure, speed and chemicals involved), targeted leakage and volumes required, the Seals Group offers solutions using Rulon (fluoropolymer compounds) Meldin HT (thermoplastic materials that are based on PPS, PEEK and PAI) and Meldin 7000 series (thermoset polyimide materials). These materials are being used more often to replace metal rings, providing lighter solutions that are in line with the current trend of reducing energy consumption and allowing greater design flexibility. Aside from seal rings, Saint-Gobain Seals Group also manufactures piston rings.