A desalination plant to be built in Al Khafji City will use a new technology to produce a greater amount of cheaper and cleaner water. Currently, The new plant, which is due to be running by the end of 2012, will be able to produce 7.9 million gallons of water a day, serving 100,000 people.

Newly developed membrane technology will be used for the first time in this plant, which will be powered by ultra-high concentrator photovoltaic (UHCPV) technology. This technology is capable of operating a CPV system at a concentration of most concentrating photovoltaic panels currently in operation.

The new technology will require up to 50% less energy that conventional reverse osmosis techniques, the cost of desalinating seawater is also expected to be significantly reduced. Inside the plant, the desalination process will use a nanomembrane that filters out salts as well as potentially harmful toxins in water while using less energy than other forms of water purification.