The Festo MPA-L valve manifold is scalable down to a single valve slice, so directional valves can be adapted to any application. The sub-base is made from a rugged polymer design that offers good corrosion resistance and light weight. The valves are electrically connected to an internal printed circuit board, which provides exact coil allocation with no wasted connections.

A host of electric multi-pin connector options are available, as well as network interfaces to most common industrial and Ethernet protocols, via Festo's CPX distributed I/O family. All standard valve functions are available. These include 5/2, 5/3, and dual 3/2 types. The manifold is suited for most pneumatic applications for discrete and process automation. The high flow rate to size ratio makes for universal applications from food and beverage packaging to semiconductor fabrication. The valve can run pressure and vacuum, with multiple zones.