Statoil finalises field centre for Johan Sverdrup

Statoil and the partners in the Johan Sverdrup field have decided on a concept for the first development phase. The partners have agreed on a field centre consisting of four installations and power from shore.

Johan Sverdrup is among the largest oil fields on the Norwegian shelf and is expected to contribute with 25% of the production from the Norwegian shelf at its peak. The giant field is expected to start production in late 2019. The field lifetime will be 50 years, with an anticipated plateau production of 550,000–650,000boe per day field.

The field will be developed in multiple phases. The design capacity of the first phase is 315,000boe per day field capacity, with an expected production between 315,000 and 380,000 boe/d in the early phase. Pre-drilling of wells will contribute to a rapid production ramp-up. The partners have decided on power from shore for the Johan Sverdrup field in the first phase with a transformer on Kårstø delivering direct current to the riser platform, ensuring an estimated 80 MW, which will reduce total CO2 emissions from the Utsira High area by 60–70%. Investments in the first phase are estimated at between EUR 11.9B–14.3B. These include the field centre, wells, export solutions for oil and gas, and power supply.