T.D. Williamson SA (TDW) has successfully completed an inline inspection (ILI) of a key jet fuel pipeline for the Belgian Pipeline Organisation (BPO). The inspection of more than 130kms of pipeline was carried out quickly and efficiently, enabling accurate identification of defects for targeted repair.

To inspect the line, TDW used its Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection tool, which uses magnets to saturate the pipeline. Sensors oriented within this magnetic field facilitate accurate detection and sizing of internal and external metal loss and other ferrous anomalies.

This project entailed inspection of a 10in line running from Schoten to Baasrode and Baasrode to Gent, and a 12in line running from Nazareth to Desteldonk. The inspection contracts were put to public tender and awarded to TDW in 2009 and 2010. The MFL tool deployed by TDW in the BPO line uses the latest “floating magnet” technology.

Each magnetizer “floats” individually so that magnetic forces are consistent whether in a thick or thin wall pipe, or a tight bend. By reducing tool drag, floating magnetizers enable more consistent velocities, which in turn facilitates more accurate inspection.