Tyco Flow Control’s Neotecha range has expanded with a new short face-to-face ball valve, which is widely specified for the pharmaceutical industry and other applications.

The PFA-lined stainless steel SNB and SNC valves are based on the well-proven NTB/NTC design. These trunnion-mounted lined valves create a seal which is independent from the pipeline pressure, meaning that the valve is tight in high and low pressures, and in vacuum applications.

The pre-energised seats are continuously in contact with the ball, eliminating the penetration of particles in the media between the seat and the lined ball. The full bore valve design is offered in sizes from D25 to DN100 and is suitable for a temperature range from -40C to 210C and pressure from a full vacuum to 16bar.

The units are also offered with the C ball for throttling applications, which avoids hysteresis under continuous operation and reduces wear and tear on the body, and tailor-made seats for precise flow control. Seat variants are V curves, equal percentage, linear style and modified parabolic.