Tyco Valves and Controls has invested in its specialist testing facilities for ultra-deep water valves through its Flow Control Technologies (FCT) brand. The two hyperbaric chambers now added to FCT’s testing facilities are capable of simulating pressure conditions up to 3000m depth and are used to fully test valve and actuator operation.

Each chamber has an equipment vertical loading system and is built with sufficient penetrations for electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic instrumentation and ROV torque tools. This equipment allows FCT to test valve and actuator packages for pressure and endurance to specific water depth, cycle testing to many times beyond their operational requirement.

FCT custom builds every valve package for the subsea sector, keeping all design and manufacture in-house. At the specification stage, the design team adapts proven designs to suit the pressure, temperature, and medium passing through the valve – its corrosiveness and state.

Valves for critical applications are modelled using volumetric meshing and Finite Element Analysis, to examine special loadings and peak stress situations. From approved designs, forged valve components are received in the workshop, where the in-house team complete manufacture, welding and assembly.

Valve and actuator are then physically tested individually and as a package. As well as hyperbaric chamber analysis, physical tests carried out by FCT include PR2 performance requirement (API 6A), performance verification (API 17D), hydrostatic shell test with stress measurements, vacuum test, stepwise seat test, seat relief test, jam test, valve signature, individual seal testing, drift test, life endurance, and cavity self venting capability.