Festo has extended the capabilities of its VTSA pneumatic valve terminal, which can now accommodate 55mm ISO size 2 valves, as well as 18mm, 26mm and 42mm valves. This additional capability enables the terminal to handle flow rates as high as 3000l/min, 30% more than the previous models, and opens up entirely new application areas in medium to large machine control.

The new VTSA valve terminal is capable of housing up to 32 pneumatic valves, in any combination of the four permissible sizes, on the same manifold, without the need for adapter plates. Typical applications include automotive presses, tyre manufacturing machines, brick and ceramic tile production machines, and large palletising systems. Supplied fully-assembled and pre-tested, the valve terminals are 100% compliant with the international ISO 15407-2 and ISO 5599-2 standards.

VTSA valve terminals feature all metal sub-base modules, and employ air ducts designed to maximise flow rate. Festo offers a wide range of compatible 5/3, 5/2 and dual 3/2 and 2/2 valves, all of which have an operating pressure range of -0.9 to 10bar. The valves are available in 18mm, 26mm, 42mm and 55mm sizes, with respective flow rates of 500ltrs/min, 1100ltrs/min, 1400ltrs/min and 3000ltrs/min.

All four valve sizes offer a choice of 24Vdc and 110Vac solenoids for maximum applications flexibility, and can be configured so that their solenoid breather ports vent into the exhaust port instead of to atmosphere.