Veam CIR connectors resistant to shock and vibrati

ITT Interconnect Solutions has introduced the Veam CIR series of electrical, optical and pneumatic multi-pin connectors, which are highly resistant to shock and vibration and suitable for use in military, medical, nuclear and aerospace applications.

The CIR series connector design is based on VG95234, with one-third turn positive lock and quick-disconnect coupling, and audible, visual and tactile indication of full coupling.

CIR connectors have also been designed for pneumatic operation; flow valves are also available. The connectors can also be supplied with thermocouple material contacts, including chromel, alumel, copper, constantan and iron.

Key specifications of the CIR series connectors are as follows: -Designed for 2,000 coupling cycles. -Waterproof to 10m (33ft or 14.7lb/in2) for up to 12 hours. -Do not require lock wires or coupling threads. -Coaxial and fibre-optic styles are available with single- or multiple-fibre termini. -Devices can include a range of insert/grommet materials to provide resistance to fuel oils, solvents and elevated temperatures. -Devices can be supplied with glass-to-metal hermetic seals in place of elastomeric inserts. -Further configurations: high-voltage, twin- or tri-axial size four or eight contacts and RFI/EMI--grounding fingers on plug connectors provide superior plug-to-receptacle (360º) shield integrity.