WEH’s new Check valve has proven itself in applications where gaseous and liquid media require leak-tight connections. New manufacturing processes, materials and techniques put more and more demands on check valve properties especially with regard to pressure range, flow characteristics, temperature and leak-tightness.

Further features are maintainability, corrosion resistance and customer-specific cracking pressures. The WEH check valves unite all these properties. WEH offers n check valves with thread connections and also with ferrule fittings, flanges, hose nozzles, nipples or custom-designed press-in valves even for small quantities.

The check valves are silent in use even under high flow requirements and offer minimum opening pressures from 0.01bar onwards and high leak tightness. The WEH Check valves can be used for a large range of applications in mechanical engineering and construction, chemical/pharmaceutical and food industry, materials-handling and medical technology etc. and vary in construction and material.

The check valve system is designed to minimize the effect of dirt particles on the sealing components within the unit. The valves are manufactured from stainless steel and are available for different dimensions and connections, even special sizes, with materials suitable for the requested media and are rated to 1000bar maximum pressure.