Baumer has released a line of sensors for water treatment applications that place high demands on pressure and level measuring instruments and are also suitable for high vibrations and aggressive media.

For example, sensors made of seawater-resistant Hastelloy C with a ceramic sensing element are available for desalination plants. Flush mount versions are offered for sewage applications. The devices can be configured on PC via the FlexProgrammer 9701. Baumer also offers chemicals seals made of Monel or Hastelloy C in order to separate pressure switches like the TED50 from aggressive media.

This solution is already used in many reverse osmosis processes used for desalting seawater. Because of its high vibration resistance of 1.5mm (10…55Hz) and 20g (55Hz…2KHz) according to the EN 60068-2-6 standard, the measuring device is also used in many other water treatment processes such as ultra-filtration in urban waste water treatment plants.