müller co-ax ag has extended its range of products with 2 product lines for use under extreme conditions: the Quadax series of fittings is primarily used when absolute tightness is required under high pressures with simultaneous extreme temperatures of -270C to +800C.

The Cryaxx range is suitable for controlling cryogenic gases such as LNG, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, krypton, etc in a temperature range of -255C to +80C. Due to the patented construction with quadruple eccentric construction and a fully new production technology, Quadax fulfils the highest sealing requirements including under high pressures up to 160bar with simultaneous extreme temperatures of -270C to + 800C.

Due to the quadruple eccentric construction of the Quadax, the sealing surface is circular. This makes it possible to produce a friction-free flap with circular and purely metallic sealings.

With Quadax, the company has managed to achieve leak rate A according to DIN EN 12266 including in large nominal widths, with helium at -196C in fluid nitrogen. In the first stage, the Quadax series covers nominal widths from 65mm to 1000mm in different lengths and housing designs. The Cryaxx is available in nominal widths 25mm to 100mm.