Ampo Poyam Valves



Throughout Valve World, in Hall 3 Stand F94, AMPO POYAM VALVES exhibits one of the biggest cryogenic ball valves ever installed in a LNG plant (36" x 30" 600 lbs).

AMPO Poyam Valves, is the leading company in high specification valves. The company is well known for having the most reliable and safest valves of the market, due to AMPO's experience, know-how, references, operating time of the valves and a fully in house manufacturing process, from raw material to end product. AMPO POYAM VALVES manufactures high technology valves with the best performance and low maintenance costs.
With the latest addition of the butterfly valve to the AMPO Poyam Valves product range, AMPO has reaffirmed its position as the ideal partner with one of the widest valve ranges of the market; cryogenic ball, gate, globe, check (Bolted Bonnet or Pressure Seal designs) & butterfly valves, high temperature metal seated ball valves, high pressure ball valves, lift plug and switch valves, jacketed valves, slurry ball and angle valves, HIPPS Service ball valves, fully welded ball valves, three pieces split body ball valves, etc.

AMPO’s R&D team is continuously working on the development of new technologies and products, in order to offer the best and most complete and reliable solutions to its customers. They work on the development of green valves, smart safety valves and hardwearing solutions, being involved in diverse research projects for each valve concept:
Green Valves AMPO Poyam Valves has integrated new technological solutions in their valves, becoming the defense of the environment a primary goal. Due to this, AMPO works hard improving valve’s behavior to achieve no emission valves. Equipment is developed with Eco Design process, assuring low impact on the environmental commitment. Good practices on external and internal sealing are key factors of AMPO's technological arrangement; as well as the best improvements in valves performance in order to achieve less torque, less weights and emission-less solutions.

Smart Safety Valves
The state of safety is defined as the way of being protected from the event of exposure to something that causes health or economic losses. Continuous changes in technology, environmental regulation and public safety concerns make AMPO Poyam Valves engineering to permanently improve on this area. Remote control processes as new engineering solutions, predictive maintenance equipment and new control systems, are the score of AMPO Poyam Valves solutions. AMPO's product reliability develops a framework which links product performance in the context of new product development. The best behavior of the valve in high pressure and temperature cycles, states the Safety Integrity Level out of hazards.

Hardwearing Solutions
Industrial processes are becoming more and more unconventional, as well as production is getting harder because of the difficulties on extraction processes. The technologies and new performance facilities are continuously developing. Designs with less wear, new coatings to reduce the friction between contact surfaces are some of AMPO's main projects. The avoidance of corrosion, abrasion, adhesion or erosion on the equipment requires the best product performance. In this way, AMPO valves will achieve a longer product life. Analysis capabilities of fluid media, tribology for coatings and process studies are some projects where AMPO Poyam Valves Engineering is actually involved.
As a result of more than 30 years manufacturing cryogenic valves, zero leak quality class has been achieved. This extensive experience allows AMPO to undertake international projects with demanding technical requirements, offering solutions with the highest level of reliability and minimum maintenance costs. AMPO's foundry is fully in line with the manufacturing process and all cast materials are produced under strict quality controls.
Moreover, AMPO Service provides permanent and prompt response to customer needs worldwide: technical support in start-up stages, equipment selection, preventive maintenance, on-site training, construction services, spare part and valve supply, etc.
Currently AMPO exports 90% of its production. More than 40 years of experience and a sustained growth guarantee the historical record of achievements of AMPO.