API Alloy Concept & Pilot-operated safety valves

API Alloy Concept

API Alloy Concept:
•Applications in the oil and gas industry onshore and offshore, e.g. corrosive marine environment or corrosive media

•Economic solutions in Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel and other materials according to application requirements

•Defined material specifications in accordance with relevant codes and standards

•Short delivery time

•Easy configuration & ordering

•Level system for economic solutions according to application requirements

High Efficiency pilot-operated safety valves:
•Due to the suitability for applications with high back pressure and seat tightness requirements, POSVs can be used as a problem solver in a multitude of industrial areas

•Higher operating pressures up to 97% of set pressure

•Higher back pressures up to 70% of set pressure

•Seat tightness up to set pressure reduces leakage to the minimum

•Optional remote sensing makes inlet pressure loss > 3% possible

•The LESER POSV has the piping between pilot and dome integrated into the valve cover, reducing the danger of damage and freezing

•The LESER POSV offers the backflow preventer as standard