SRIC Armatom Ltd.

ARMATOM – Ukrainian bellows for European consumer

Our days the requirements on reliability, functionality and safety in pipeline valves industry have been increased and became tougher. That has forced use of more dependable constructs – constructs with Sylphons.
"Sylphon" – now known as bellow, was invented in the early XXth century by the American inventor and businessmen Weston Fulton (1871–1946), and found its wide application in various application areas.
At first sight bellow looks like a simple engineering item, but at close examination it appears to be a complex product applicable as the medium divider, sealing element and component of various pipeline valves used in nuclear power plants, compensation elements, power units, etc.
Following the market demand in bellows production the “Scientific Research and Information Center “ARMATOM”, LTD was created.
“SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD is a young and dynamically developing company specializing on manufacturing of bellows and bellow constructs used in production of stop valves, control and safety pipeline valves, compensatory bellows and compensators.
“SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD was created on the basis of Public Joint – Stock Company Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves (PJSC “KCDBV”) – well known high-end manufacturer of pipeline valves for nuclear and heat power plants, defense systems and space rocket production. PJSC “KCDBV” is the leading construction bureau in area of pipeline valves design and production in Ukraine and is one of the best of its kind in CIS – it has been on the market for the last fifty years and has the time proved quality of its products.
Making the most of the scientific and technical potential and the professional experience of PJSC “KCDBV” employees we have started our business.
Since 2009 we have launched manufacturing of multilayer bellows (for nuclear power plants, petrochemical industries, etc.) in accordance to Ukrainian and Russian standards and technical requirements, with the internal diameter from 16 to 100 mm and working external pressure up to 250 kg/ By 2011 the production of 200 dimension types of multilayer bellows was developed.
To carry out acceptance, step-by-step and qualification tests we put into operation on-site testing sector which includes three independent test stands allowing simultaneous testing of up to three products. Cyclic tests are performed with compliance with working conditions, notably specified pressure and temperature. Testing procedures at developing of new dimension types typically include maintaining of not only standard resource conditions but also those that result in bellow’s destruction in order to gain more experience. This data is used for improvement of technical processes of items production to ensure enhancement of products reliability.
In 2011 the production shop for bellow constructs used in pipeline valves and bellow compensators as well as for machine processing of pipeline valves component parts was opened. Hard-surfacing sector was created later.
At the beginning of 2012 bellow production facilities were upgraded. Manufacturing area was increased by three times while production output by four. Manufacture of multilayer bellows in accordance to the EJMA standards and European requirements was mastered, allowing production of bellows with internal diameter from 14 to 100 mm and working pressure up to 250 kg/ as well as bellows and bellow compensators with working pressure up to 40 kg/, DN100 – DN1200.
Bellows are manufactured from thin stainless steel (DIN 1.4541, DIN 1.4571) stock tubes welded on modern laser-beam welding machinery with solid-state laser source. All operations are performed on high-tech machining techniques «IPG Photonics Corporation», «Schroder Maschinenbau» и «Prinzing Maschinenbau» (Germany) which ensures high quality and reliability of products. Our production capacities allows carrying out of wide range of metal processing operations of various difficulty types, thermal processing of components, hard surfacing and serial production of complete units for pipeline valves.
Nowadays, scientific and technical potential of “SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD allows manufacturing of multilayer metal bellows in accordance to the European requirements, EJMA standards, standards applicable in Ukraine and Russia, and by customer requirements.
Its interest in high quality products by reasonable prices was already confirmed by many Ukrainian companies that depend on import bellows.
“SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD is using European model for company administration. Its application ensures high output quality and competitive prices.
Appropriateness of the development strategy of “SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD is confirmed by recent requests on bellows from companies in Poland and Holland as well as by number of dealer’s proposals from interested companies in Poland and Switzerland.
Market analyses conducted by our specialists, as well as actual purchase orders indicate that “SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD outputs can effectively compete on the European market with other known bellows manufacturers, which is proved by continuously growing number of new Customers.
By working hard we want words “bellows”, “quality” and “Armatom” to be synonyms to the Customers.