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CIRCOR Energy – API-607 6th Edition Fire Safe Certification Series P3 & FA Flange Trunnion Ball Valve

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, June 23th, 2014 – CIRCOR Energy, a global manufacturer of highly engineered valve and pipeline products, recently completed API-607 6th edition fire testing on its Two-Piece and Three-Piece flanged trunnion ball valves, its series FA and P3, continuing on the path of portfolio enhancement.

Global business partners want assurance that products installed worldwide exceed their performance expectations, with demonstrated achievement of these expectations through comprehensive product testing to the latest edition of specifications combined with globally recognized 3rd party inspection firms. This approach ensures that, as a manufacturer, we have up to date products and a knowledge base of the latest revisions to recognized industry standards.

CIRCOR Energy has demonstrated customer commitment by proactively pursuing certifications to the latest industry standards, like API-607 6th edition. CIRCOR believes in listening to customers, enhancing the quality of product portfolio and providing flow control solutions.

Listed below are the CIRCOR models, by size and pressure class, that are certified to API-607 6th edition.

CIRCOR Model Sizes Class
Series FA 6FP – 12FP 150 & 300
Series P3 12FP – 36FP 150 & 300
Series P3 6FP – 36FP 600
Series P3 6FP – 20FP 900 & 1500
Series P3 24FP – 36FP 900
Series P3 6FP – 8FP 2500
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