The Smart Actuator Company Ltd.

Company Achievments

SmartAct1 goes to sea

2010 • Business opportunity identified develop smart next generation electronics for integration into existing plant processing and control apparatus, primarily via flow control actuators, where next generation computers no longer supported old RS 232 and parallel connections

2011 • RIFT Technology was originally conceived from a disruptive invention in electric valve actuators. An original patent (GB 1116125.4) was filed in 2011 for a valve actuator motor driven system. This showed reductions in copper, magnets and overall weight of approximately 75%. Similar lowering of levels of carbon footprint
and energy usage for a given application were also achieved.
• RIFT Technology protected by patent number GB 1221861.6.
• International umbrella patent extension for;
Motor/Generator Electric Machine (P340546GB)
2011-12 • Commercial development of Electric Part Turn Valve Actuator SmartAct-1
2012 • SmartAct Trade Mark registered - No 2615274 23rd March 2012
• Won Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce’ Most Promising New Business Award
• Product Accreditations Received;
• EN 15714-2 Industrial valves ― Actuators
Part 2: Electric actuators for industrial valves ― Basic requirement
• ISO 5211 - Flange connection for attachment of Part Turn actuators to valves.
• SIL Level 3 to IEC 61511 and 61508 - Safety Integrity Level means risk reduction
• CE Mark- required for all new products which are subject to one or more of the European product safety Directives. It is a visible sign that the manufacturer of the product is declaring conformity with all of the Directives relating to that product.
Sept 2013
• Market Launch, SmartAct-1
2013-2014 • Export orders from USA, Germany, Australasia and Suth Africa
block out 90% of predicted production for next 3 years.
2014 • Regional finalist in Shell Springboard low carbon business ideas competition for UK SMEs