Complete Solutions for Industrial Valves

Neway’s integrated foundries for total product quality control throughout the whole supply chain!

Neway Valve – one of the world’s leading industrial valve manufacturers - specializes in the development of innovative flow control solutions, through integrated foundry/casting capabilities, intensive R&D programs, and engineering excellence. Main product lines include gate-, globe-, check-, butterfly- and ball valves.

Neway’s products and quality are recognized by many global end users and EPC’s. Our products are recommended for application in areas including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. Key clients range from multinational companies (end users) and engineering firms to consultants. Neway’s goal is to occupy leading market positions through close cooperation with value-add business partners worldwide. In the last few years, Neway successively established new subsidiaries in Dubai & Singapore serving the Middle East and Southeast Asia markets, to further enhance our local support & service capabilities.

Year-to-date, including Neway USA, Neway Europe, Neway Brazil, we set-up five fully-owned subsidiaries and nearly 60 agencies/distributors across the world, to ensure that global clients and business partners can rely on us to draw on our global scale and local insight to deliver value across every aspect of the supply chain.

On 17th January 2014, Neway was pleased to announce the successful completion of its initial public offering with its shares to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 603699).

Neway has faced, and will continue to face, the challenges of client requirements, market dynamics, new technology, and new ways of doing business at every level of our company.

Manufacturing Scope:

  • Conventional Gate, Globe, Check Valves, API600, 2”-64”, ANSI 150#-2500#, DIN PN640

  • Pressure Seal Gate, Globe, Check Valves, API600, 2”-24”, ANSI 600#-2500#

  • Through Conduit Gate Valves, 2”-48”, ANSI 150#-2500#

  • Axial Flow Check Valves,2”-60” ANSI 150#-2500#

  • Wafer Check Valves, 2”-24”, ANSI 150#-600#

  • Ball Valves (floating, trunnion mounted, metal seated), 2”-48”, ANSI 150#-2500#

  • Butterfly Valves (eccentric, double/triple eccentric), 3”-56”, ANSI 150#-600#

  • Cryogenic Service Valves

  • Nuclear Valves

  • Safety Relief Valves

  • Control Valves