Alcatraz Interlocks B.V.

ENEX Group


From May 2012, ENEX Group Ltd will be the exclusive Distributor in the UK and Ireland for the Dutch mechanical Interlock manufacturer Alcatraz Interlocks BV.

ENEX Group will offer the complete range of Alcatraz Interlock products in all of their territories. This will greatly increase customer choice. This is another significant step forward for Alcatraz, as they continue to grow their global Distribution network.

Alcatraz has built products with a reputation for simplicity of design and genuine reliability for almost 20 years, even in the harshest environments. Simplicity and reliability are crucial factors in the growth and success of the company, and now ENEX Group will ensure that even more clients are able to enjoy these benefits.

Mechanical Interlocks are widely recognised as a leading technology in process plant safety, by significantly reducing the risk of accidental equipment operation through human error. ENEX Group will offer all of Alcatraz’s bespoke integral fit Interlocks, and their range of ‘shoot bolt’ devices will also be available to all industry sectors.

This means that regardless of whether you wish to Interlock a valve on an offshore platform, or isolate the power to a piece of rotating machinery in your factory, ENEX Group has the Alcatraz Interlock product which is suitable for the job.

ENEX Group employees have over 45 years experience in the Interlock market, meaning that customers can be confident of the service that they will receive. This experience, combined with a team of experienced Site Technicians, offers an enviable partnership capable of undertaking any Interlock project.

ENEX Group will be operating from regional offices in the UK to ensure that all customers are provided with fast, helpful, friendly advice – regardless of the application or the industry.

“It is vital that customers with concerns about operational safety are served quickly and efficiently. We are often involved with clients from their design concept, and continue to work with them right through to commissioning. It is essential to initially understand their problem, and then recommend the best product for their application. It is subsequently about providing the shortest lead time, and of course maintaining competitive prices. ENEX Group aims to set new standards in all respects – ALL customers deserve that. Our partnership with Alcatraz is very exciting, and hugely important for the market. They produce many excellent products, and we share their global vision. We sincerely hope that UK customers will feel the same level of excitement and choose to work with us” says ENEX Group Managing Director, Wayne Hodgson.