Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics N.V.

Fluoroloy® materials qualified to API 6A F1.13.5.2

OmniSeal® spring-energized seals

Fluoroloy® brand grades are high performance, custom formulated compounds and alloys for extreme and specialty sealing applications including PTFE and PTFE blends, fluoropolymers, PEEK and UHMW-PE.

Saint Gobain tested Fluoroloy® materials to API 6A ‘Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment’ section F1.13.5.2 Immersion Testing in fluid HH. This involves immersing samples in a sour (hydrogen sulphide-containing) environment to assess the changes in material mechanical and physical property levels.

Five Fluoroloy® thermoplastic materials have been immersed in the liquid phase (diesel) of a sour fluid for 160 hours, 10/80/10% H2S/CO2/CH4 at a test pressure 1000psi, and temperature of 200°C. Mass, volume and tensile measurements have been recorded for both unaged samples and for samples following ageing in H2S.
Characteristic measurements have been recorded for unaged and aged material.
Tensile properties have been calculated according to the method given in ASTM D638.

No Fluoroloy® materials have shown severe damage following exposure, and changes in tensile properties of less than 10% were seen.