Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics N.V.

Fluoroloy® materials qualified to NORSOK M710rev2

OmniSeal® spring-energized seals

Fluoroloy® brand grades are high performance, custom formulated compounds and alloys for extreme and specialty sealing applications including PTFE and PTFE blends, fluoropolymers, PEEK and UHMW-PE.

Driven by market requirements for high performance polymer materials, highest quality and ultra reliable product for critical equipment for projects such as Ormen Lange and Kashagan field development, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics qualified its proven Fluoroloy® materials to NORSOK M710 standard.

NORSOK M710 describes the required physical tests for sealing materials.

Most of these tests were undertaken at Saint-Gobain R&D facilities while the aging tests were carried out by M.E.R.L independent laboratory in the UK.
The ageing results can lead to an estimation of service life for materials in sour applications as well as a more general assessment of their suitability for sour service.

The ageing test in the qualification process, where Fluoroloy® materials were subjected to extreme temperature and high percentages of hydrogen sulphide up to 20% H2S, gave new insights into the properties of these high performance compounds.

All Saint-Gobain High Performance Fluoroloy® materials passed the qualification successfully.
The metal energizers are NACE approved materials for use in sour gas service.