High pressure ball valve in stainless steel with double acting actuator

Hercules series is the high ciclicity high pressure ball valve developed and manufactured at Omal automation in Italy.

This is the result of 1 year-research which has lead us to a new added value artcile in term of reliability and durability: a rolled stem with two bushing-guides (in Powerammide compound),

a harder O-Ring properly developed for gas high-pressure and a special material (“Extreme”) sealing seat for the ball, just to give you some examples.

It is important to underline that the receipts of Powerammide (that is a special blend of polymers and aramid filler) and Extreme (Aromatic polyamide long chemical structure) have been developed in OMAL and they have been chosen after long test-sessions and comparisons with other materials. The name of these two materials are commercial name created at OMAL as a further signal of exclusivity for their availability. Furthermore, the two bushes in Powerammide, that are moulded internally in OMAL, have the proper composition and hardness that avoid the bending of the stem while working under high loads, allowing a self-centring of the stem in a perfect axial way.

All these features allow a low-friction among the components, less torque in the system and as consequence high ciclicity and durability.

The “automated” version of HERCULES has antistatic-device, fire-safe design and, upon request, ATEX certificate. This ball valve is appropriate to a lot of high-pressure media application, like wash-water systems or hydraulics oils, but it is the PERFECT solution for CNG: compressors, skids, distribution lines, dispensers for vehicle refuelling. HERCULES Series is available both in carbon and stainless steel, from 1/8” to 2” for pressure till 500 bar.

The construction of the valve could seem simple at first glance from the outside. But, in addition to the features we have described, you have to know that this kind of “little” product must bear on certain surfaces a force-level similar to the load of a big SUV while handling the fluid. So, a careful project - with attention to details and materials - and a controlled production process are needed for an optimal result: this is OMAL way of working.