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HITMA Process presents new suppliers

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HITMA Process from the Netherlands proudly presents three new suppliers at Valve World Expo 2012 (Hall 3, booth C86):

 Habonim (industrial valves and actuators). Habonim has earned an international reputation for developing and manufacturing high quality ball valves, pneumatic actuators and ancillary equipment. Their dedication has led to innovations that have improved productivity, health and safety and generated significant cost savings for companies all around the world.

 Elmac Technologies (innovative safety solutions). Elmac is an international technical leader in flame arresters and tank and vessel protection for some of the world’s most challenging industrial environments.

 Eltav Wireless Monitoring. Eltav is focused on offering a revolutionary concept of remote valve monitoring in the plant. The company has developed a new and innovative concept of monitoring valves in the process automation world using the most advanced, safe and reliable wireless technologies. Eltav’s innovative solution of remote monitoring is based on low cost wireless units, called Valve Devices (VD) which transmit real-time data on the position and other parameters of the valve, thus enhancing yield and productivity.

Of course also other suppliers are represented on the HITMA Process booth, for example Bopp & Reuther, Zikesch, Bonetti, Strahman, Red Valve, Tideflex and Mascot.