Wuzhou Valve Co., Ltd.

JIA XING WUZHOU VALVE CO.,LTD--------Major Fabrication Base in China

Jiaxing Wuzhou Valve Co., LTD , as an important fabrication base of industrial valve in China, has invested production project of RMB 100 million last year. which is listed in National Treasury project .Presently mass production has already been fully implemented

Jiaxing Wuzhou Valve Co. LTD ,as an important supporting enterprise for industrial valve ,west-east gas transmission and new energy,predicts it will come to achieve RMB 1 billion of annual production capacity in the next five years ,and to be an main manufacturer for annual output of various high-end valves, which will greatly promote nationalization of ability in aspect of high-end valves and full welding with long distance pipeline, and also benefit to completely break up foreign monopolies in energy field such as the oil , Sinopec etc.

Jiaxing Wuzhou Valve Co., LTD, Locating in Haihe Road Economical. Development Haiyan County Jiaxing City, decorated with Greening scene of various colourful flowers and plants like garden type factory, in addition, Recently when the author visit factory workshop which covers 100 acres, the prosperous production sight is as following : All of the advanced equipments are in the state of constant running, All the big size of finished products are standing in line on the shelf, expecially a batch of full welded ball valve with 36inches,40inches,48inches which manufactured for Petrochina of significant projects are arranging orderly, some are packing ,some are debugging ,some are welding ,some is to be carried to warehouse ,which reflects a scene of busy and spectacular production. Moreover, The company has ability to form integrative system with production, manufacture, installation, commissioning, testing, packaging, and delivery for large diameter welding ball valve and kinds of the high-end valves part of which present entirely localization, completely break the abroad of monopoly situation .

Accompanied by XuChunMin in charge of company and ZhouShenTao of production minister, we went into workshop which takes on a scene of prosperous and spectacular production and All processing equipment and testing facilities keep in good state of safe production,Here has a large number of the advanced production equipments 70% of which are imported from abroad including horizontal boring and milling machine processing center, large NC machine tools and boring, body vertical girth welding machinery, saddle submerged arc welding machine, the top pressure type valve testing machine and low noise of the hoisting equipment which can load 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons etc.which form complete production system of various high-end valves and the large diameter welding ball valves, what is more, layout of the new factory reflected the environmental protection, planning concept of low carbon and offer humanized service of staff dormitory, canteen, etc which is benefit to staff with a good production, life, living environment.on the whole,it is in new sights of large orders, business prosperity, continuous delivery and annual output value can reach to RMB 100 million with only more than 100 employees which reflect the output value per person also set a new high with output value per person more than RMB 1 million achievements, It will break through output value of RMB 100 million at the end of year which make a historic contribution to China 's valve localization

Zhou ShenTao, as an minster of production ,introduced :" in order to improve competitive strenght,70% of the machine equipments are brought in from abroad, including a sphere equipment of high precision grinding imported from Italy which at present belong to the first domestic machine can grind super-large diameter sphere to maximum 64 inch. in the meantime, it guarantees roundness and accuracy of sphere, and also reduces the valve of torque, which greatly improves the precision of the products.” He said : “high-end properties of the processing center is also imported from Korea of DOOSAN, the value of which is more than 10 million”

ChenXingHan ,an a manager of Wuzhou Valve CO.,LTD, added that ;"Jiaxing Wuzhou Company not only has ability to mainly provide large diameter fully-welded ball valves, but also can produce a series of high temperature and high pressure valves with large diameter ,and low temperature valves. Presently company layout of workshop height and production facilities including machine and lifting equipments are both arranged to apply to manufacture of high-end valves. In the meantime , all the advanced equipments imported from abroad have an advantage of low noise and high safe factor.our group company configure the update schedule by adjustment of product structure to enhance strength of valve industry as following : Below 20 inches of valves manufactured by headquarters in Wenzhou, by the contrast ,above 20 inches of valves manufactured by branch in Jiaxing.

Chen Jin Fa, as a group general manager , introduced:"Jiaxing Wuzhou Valve Co., LTD belongs to Wuzhou Valve Co., LTD, located in Haihe avenue ,Economic development area, Zhejiang province with convenient transport near Hangzhou Bay Bridge which forms 1 hour traffic circle. It was established in 2008,which is a technological professional valve manufacturer, presently it covers 100 acres including building space of 37528 sqm, and is in possession of fixed assets of 160 million including registration capital of RMB 68 million with annual production capacity of 800 sets of fully- welded the large diameter ball valves which used for long-distance pipeline. Moreover, we supply different requirements of high-end valves to domestic and international market such as oil, natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear power station construction etc with ensuring excellent products by bringing in equipments of non-standard and special valves.

After invested ,now it becomes major fabrication base for serious high-end valves including localization valves, low temperature valves, ultralow temperature valves, cryogenic valves, which is presently considered as largest manufacture base for long-distance pipeline of nationalized large-diameter welding ball valves, and the biggest diameter has reached to 48inch,56inch,64inch which makes contributions to national key projects

It is reported, in recent years, Wuzhou Valve Group has made a great development in independent technological innovation, which gains strongly financial support from competent departments of the state, besides, the new project ,which mainly supply fully-welded ball valves of long-distance pipeline, has gotten RMB 9 million of financial allowance from national debt project, which is also the first valve company to be listed in Treasury-bond projects in Zhejiang province,by the way the company assume a significant project which provide nationalized fully-weld ball valve with high-temperature &large-diameter used in long-distance pipeline to help construction of west-east gas transmission pipeline, and successful listed as one of domestic three major manufacturers for

Petrochina system service through national technological identification. Presently our company is granted advanced title of honor such as National high-new technology enterprise, major plan project of national torch, Vice-president unit of China valve association, national standard compile units for valve.

Jiaxing Wuzhou Valve CO.,LTD, which has brought in a series of advanced equipments such as horizontal boring , milling machine processing center, large NC machine tools and boring, body vertical girth welding machinery, saddle submerged arc welding machine, the top pressure type valve testing machine ,owns 56 sets of NC machines and finishing equipment and has 18sets of double beam bridge crane and transportation equipment which can load 50tons, in addition, our inspection center with detection equipment, equipment, measuring tools and instruments can meet special requirements including material analysis, mechanical property, nondestructive testing, welding and processing test. Now we have developed the CAD & CAM design and manufacturing system and also use advanced ERP management system.

Jiaxing Wuzhou Valve CO.,LTD, as an important fabrication base, is expected to seize the historic opportunity which is national important equipment need to be localization not only develop mass production, but also improve economic efficiency to meet the needs of the localization of the welding ball valve, which makes the new contribution to china's valve of major equipment localization