CERA SYSTEM Verschleißschutz GmbH

Joint knowledge combined for corrosion protection:

CERA SYSTEM and Pfeiffer Chemie-Armaturen
develop innovative ball valve

CERA SYSTEM Verschleißschutz GmbH, based in the Thuringian Hermsdorf, is with imme- diate effect manufacturing a wear resistant version of the standardised ball valve made by the company Pfeiffer Chemie-Armaturen GmbH from Kempen. The ball valve BR 26 is provided with ceramic seats and a ceramic ball by CERA and is now protected even more from abrasion and corrosion. The ball valve needs to be replaced less often, which de- creases the standstill time of plants and the number of production losses – resulting costs are significantly minimised thereby.

Many industrial companies typically use the products of the two German companies. "With the modification of the ball valve, new applications with abrasive media become accessible, which are diversely used in the chemical industry, in particular," says Heinz Albert, Technical Director at CERA SYSTEM Ver- schleißschutz GmbH. "The application of the ball valve BR 26 is particularly recommendable for companies, which are active in the areas biomass, steam and condensate as well as pneumatic transport."

The ceramic seal completely blocks off contaminated media, soft seals in the media flow are now part of the past. The long-lasting valves and apparatuses can now extend the service lives and maintenance intervals due to their good mechanical characteristics, and thereby save their operator real money.

a brief view of the advantages:

• Abrasion and corrosion protection with ceramic seats and ceramic ball
• Stem sealing due to V-shaped packing preloaded by disc spring
• Antiblowout stem shaft
• Overall lengths Series 1 according to EN 558
• Overall lengths Series 27 according to EN 558
• Attachment flange for actuators according to DIN ISO 5211
• Nominal diameter range: DN 15 to DN 100
• Nominal pressure: up to PN 40
• Temperatures: from -10°C to 200°C