Lishui Ouyi Valve Co., Ltd.

Larger ball equipment,biggest size can be 64"

Production scope of Ball size range is from 16 inch to 64 inch.

The BM 64(Sixty four inch) machine & grinding integrated CNC is imported by Lishui Ouyi Valve Co.,Ltd, which is the biggest CNC in China, It can machine big ball size upto 64 inch.

The equipment is controlled by Simens 840D system, the system is high integration with friendly human-machine interface. So it is easier to be operated, Manchining, grinding and roll finishing can be completed after one time ball installation. Ball size range is from 16 inch to 64 inch.

By the CNC, Ouyi valve greatly enhance the machining precision of ball size over 36 inch. The roundness of ball is controlled less than 0.02mm, Concentricity won’t over 0.02mm, surface roughness reach to Ra 0.4 micron.

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