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Larox Flowsys Introduces Knife Gate Valves

Larox Flowsys has launched a new series of valves to supplement the pinch valve family. Larox Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valves are engineered to be used in tough environments with demanding media in the same industrial applications as company’s well known pinch valves.

Larox Knife Gate valves are built with a cast body and features a robust stainless steel gate. Removable seats on either side of the gate provide a bi-directional bubble tight seal, with no metal parts in contact with the slurry when open. – With our new knife gate products complementing the pinch valves we can widely cover all the needs our customers have in their slurry applications, says Mr. Pekka Suokas, the Vice President of Larox Flowsys, responsible for valve solutions. – I’m confident that our knife gate valves will be most welcome among users in mining and metal industries, mineral processing, energy industry, sand and gravel handling and in chemical and pup & paper industries. These products are also excellent for water and wastewater treatment, Mr. Suokas continues.

Larox Flowsys launches now three knife gate valves for heavy slurries: Larox Flanged Knife Gate Valve (LKF), Larox High Pressure Knife Gate Valve (LKH) and Larox Wafer Knife Gate Valve (LKW). More new products are to be introduced soon.

The full bore solution

Like other Larox valves also the knife gate valves are ideal for applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or coarse substances. One of the benefits that these valves have is that the metal parts of the valve are not in contact with the slurry when open, only the easily replaceable rubber ring sleeves or secondary seals touch the medium. The ring sleeves and seals are placed in the valve housing to seal against the gate when the valve is closed and seal against each other when the valve is open. This tight seal contains the high internal line pressure. Double seated design provides bi-directional flow and tight shut off.

Any material/medium discharged between the sleeves during stroking open or closed is collected within the containment area of the valve body and drained via the multiple flushing ports in the body. The Larox Knife Gate Valves are produced with manual, manual gear, pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical actuators.

Global service, local reach
Larox Flowsys’ international sales and service network covers over 55 countries. – We have more than 600 qualified manufacturer’s representatives all over the world providing reliable services, says Mr. Suokas. - As an associated company of Larox Corporation we can also provide customer service through the global Larox Group service network, he continues. – Larox Flowsys is not only a global company with decades of experience about heavy duty flow control solutions but also an easily reachable local service provider that knows well the customers’ needs, concludes Mr. Suokas.

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