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New Flowrox SKW slurry knife gate valve now available!

New Flowrox SKW available now

Flowrox has launched a brand new SKW valve that represents a new generation of knife gate valve that is especially designed for demanding and heavy industrial use.

The SKW design is born from the many years of experience Flowrox has gained providing reliable solutions for abrasive and corrosive process applications. The complete valve is built around an ease of maintenance concept. Usability based on design Flowrox SKW includes many new features which are based on direct feedback from the field. Flowrox SKW features a new load distribution ring that prevents over compression during the installation and ensures 100% sealing between the ring sleeve and the valve gate. This improves valve’s overall reliability and performance compared to a conventional knife gate valve. To add to ease of maintenance, the load distribution ring has been integrated into valve sleeves.

SKW allows bi-directional flow of the slurry due to its closing mechanism and the body of the valve is made as one casting when the conventional models typically have two body halves that are bolted together. The number of parts is reduced and there is no need for sealing between the body halves. The SKW also features a universal tower design that allows any actuator to be easily connected to the tower structure. They can even be changed after the valve has been installed in the pipeline. The tower also ensures that the top plate, body and actuator are always aligned with the pipeline and the gate is in the right position.

The main applications for Flowrox SKW valve are in processes where the medium includes solids or abrasive substances. Applications are numerous and basically include industrial slurries of almost any kind. The biggest advantages of SKW valves in demanding conditions are reliable performance, long maintenance intervals and a service-friendly design.

• Mining and metal industries
• Mineral processing
• Power generation
• Sand and gravel
• Cement
• Waste and wastewater treatment

Face-to-face dimension of the valve is according to an industry standard.

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