Paladon Systems Limited

Paladon Americas Solves Significant Operating Challenges

Solar powered electro-hydraulic systems installed in Pembina Basin

Solar powered Self-Contained Electro-Hydraulic systems allow end user to automate their process resulting in improved control and reliability

A major American oil company needed to better control a part of an oil pipeline located in a remote region of the Permian Basin, but faced the following major challenges:

  • The existing manual gate valves could not be operated during periods of heavy rainfall as the site becomes unreachable due to flooding

  • No external electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic supply sources were available to power valve actuators

Paladon Americas solved the above challenges through the design and supply of four solar-powered self-contained electro-hydraulic linear actuator systems which were retrofitted to the existing 4” Class 600 gate valves.

In addition to providing 24/7/365 remote wireless valve control irrespective of weather conditions, the Paladon Americas systems were fitted with automatic valve partial stroke test systems to provide condition monitoring and allow the end user to implement a cost-saving preventive maintenance program.