Pneumatrol Limited

Pneumatrol gains NEPSI approvals

Adding to its already extensive range of approvals, Pneumatrol has recently gained NEPSI approvals for its hazardous area solenoids - Intrinsically Safe (EExia) and Flameproof (EExd).

NEPSI is short for National Supervision and Inspection Centre for Explosion Protection and Safety of Instrumentation in China. It performs explosion protection certification in accordance with corresponding standards and issues Explosion Protection Certificate of Conformity on government’s authorisation. NEPSI approval is widely accepted and an increasing number of companies are now adopting a policy of using NEPSI approved products in China. With the addition of these approvals, Pneumatrol is now in a very good position for trading in China and other areas of Asia where NEPSI is recognised and required.

Over the years, Pneumatrol has developed its core product range of hazardous area solenoids (EExnA, EExm, EExme, EExd and EExia) which are available with various international approvals – ATEX, FM, CSA, UL and GOST-R.

Intrinsically safe (EExia) solenoids are available in different construction variants – terminal box, in-line connector, flying lead, plug and socket, or stainless steel terminal box. Flameproof and encapsulated (EExd) solenoids come with stainless steel terminal box construction.

Liz Smith, Quality Manager of Pneumatrol and a qualified Six Sigma Black Belt, commented, “Pneumatrol always puts quality first. The management team strongly believe that the ethos of “no-compromise-on-quality” will lead the company to new heights. We work to ensure that our products are compliant with the latest international approvals, which forms an important part of our business strategy to significantly grow export markets.”