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Pressure management experts to promote working in combination at Valve World 2014

Valve World

Using rupture discs as secondary pressure relief to offer greater, more cost-effective explosion protection

Most modern process plants now use safety relief valves to manage variations in pressure within their system and to prevent potential disastrous explosions caused by overpressurisation. Increasingly, engineers are using a rupture disc in combination with their traditional valve to enhance the pressure relief solution and achieve the most cost effective explosion protection.

Using a rupture disc in addition to a valve means the system benefits from the unique advantages of each individual solution, whilst maintaining a reasonable cost. Process leakage into the atmosphere is kept to a minimum and valve life is extended by isolating corrosive fluids from internal valve parts. As secondary protection, discs also offer a back up in case of downtime and can enhance the SIL level of the system by adding layers of protection. For safety-critical applications, “doubling up” in this way not only offers greater protection to the infrastructure of a process plant, but also to its people.

As a leading manufacturer of rupture discs, explosion vents and associated detection systems, Elfab will be displaying its latest product developments at Valve World this year, aiming to further strengthen its well-established pressure intelligence brand.

Key members of Elfab’s management team will be on Stand 5B08 offering expert advice on using rupture discs to compliment your valve applications. If you would like more information, or would like to arrange a formal meeting during the Show, call +44 (0)191 2931234, visit the website or email