Rotork launches third generation IQ range of intelligent non-intrusive electric valve actuators

3rd Generation IQ Actuator from Rotork

Rotork announces the introduction of the third generation of its flagship IQ range of intelligent non-intrusive heavy duty electric valve actuators.
Benefitting from over fifty years of practical operating experience throughout the world and continuous feedback from all of Rotork’s valve actuation markets, the IQ3 now introduces new levels of functionality and asset management abilities combined with further refinements to a well-proven and rugged mechanical design. The third generation intelligent electric actuator strengthens the pedigree of a product that has led the way in actuation technology since its first appearance in the early 1990s.

The large toughened glass wide angle indication window is the focus of attention for non-intrusive two way wireless communication and multi-functional indication, encompassing user-friendly menus for setting-up, configuration and commissioning, local position indication, valve and actuator status, asset management and diagnostic operating information.

An LCD segment display provides positional and warning icon information, whilst actuator setup and operating menus along with detailed diagnostic and operational data screens are clearly displayed in dot matrix format. Four selectable Home-screens provide a quick view of operational status and process information in real-time without having to navigate to the diagnostic screens. The four selectable screens include: Position with text status, Torque (analogue scale) & Position, Torque (numerical scale) & Position and Demand & Position.

Diagnostic graphics present a window into the process, showing the valve torque and usage profiles along with service logs, facilitating real time analysis directly at the actuator.

The new hand-held setting tool uses an infrared signal to check that both items (actuator and setting tool) are Rotork devices before pairing them together using Bluetooth® wireless technology. The security enabled by this technology is further enhanced by the ability to enable or disable the Bluetooth® link as the method of further communication.

Advanced IQ data logging and communication capabilities have been increased in response to the end users’ desire to access more data, both in the field and in the control room.

Using the setting tool with Bluetooth® wireless technology the data from the actuators can be transferred to a PC for analysis using freely available Rotork Insight2 diagnostic software. Valve maintenance requirements can be identified and anticipated, eliminating unplanned interruptions to the process or over-cautious planned maintenance outages.

A patented absolute encoder with built-in redundancy and self checking mechanically tracks valve positions if the actuator is manually operated when the power is off. No power is required for the actuator to reliably and accurately measure position. Using the latest technology and following several years of testing, the IQ absolute encoder has only four moving parts and can measure up to 8,000 output turns. Local LCD and remote contact indication is maintained and full configuration of the actuator settings during a power outage is enabled by the standard battery.

Mechanical improvements include new handwheel assemblies, new non-intrusive local control switches and optimised corrosion protection by material and coating selection. Thrust bases have been re-engineered as separate components on all models in the IQ range, enabling actuators to be removed from the valve without altering the valve position. The IP68 watertight and temporarily submersible double-sealed enclosure is universal to all actuators, including those with explosion-proof certification, ensuring long term reliable performance in the most challenging environments.

Rotork third generation IQ3 multi-turn actuators are designed for valves of all types, sizes and description, either by direct attachment or in combination with secondary gearboxes.