Smith Flow Control Ltd.

SFC Launches New Regulator Packs to Ensure Safe Operation of Valves

EasiDrive is a valve operating system that actuates hard-to-operate valves in power plants, chemical processing facilities and oil refineries. It is ideal for use wherever there are manually operated valves with high operating torques, hundreds of hand-wheel turns to open/close or are just difficult to operate.

To ensure the correct amount of torque is set to the EasiDrive system, Smith Flow Control (SFC) has now introduced a series of Filter Regulator Lube (FRL) packs. FRL packs manage the output available to drive the valve, preventing human error that can result in improper use of the system.

FRL packs have been designed in a range of colours so they can be identified and applied correctly to a range of valve systems. Packs can be factory set on a second regulator to limit the pressure to the specially calibrated torque device, reducing the output available to drive the valve. This now means that even though an operator can adjust the first regulator, the second will be set to a maximum pressure point, which can never be surpassed.

Mike Fynes, Sales & Marketing Director at Smith Flow Control, comments, “This product has been designed to address the issues associated with applying incorrect torque at sites and will ensure the safe operation of the valve. The new packs have been adapted to include storage for the pneumatic gun- this makes it easy to carry the equipment and assemble the system on site.”

The new series of Filter Regulator Lube Packs will be launched at Valve World, Düsseldorf 27-29 November.