Durit Hartmetall GmbH

Sintered carbide minimizes wear

Valves, pistons, plungers, slide rings and many other components are often exposed to extreme loads when used in conveyor or control technology. This is especially true when handling abrasive media such as suspensions, since the hard constituents in these media can shorten the service life of the devices. Using parts made of sintered carbide has proved its effectiveness here.

Sintered carbide, when compared with other materials, offers unbeatable wear protection. This represents a significant advantage for applications in the chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas industries. DURIT offers a range of formulae that differ in hardness, toughness and impact resistance. A material incorporating chrome-nickel cement will be employed whenever there are special demands in terms of corrosion protection.
The customer enjoys further benefits, in addition to longer life cycles and improved economy. A special manufacturing process makes it possible for DURIT to produce custom sintered carbide components featuring complex inside geometries and extreme contours – labyrinths, for instance – as homogenous valve bodies. That makes them smaller and more resilient than components assembled from two or more elements. See more: