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Spherical Fully-Welded Ball Valve Been Developed In WUZHOU ----High technology and New innovation

Spherical fully-welded ball valves with 2 part body

WUZHOU insist doing technology innovation in valves industry. After the 3 part body fully-welded ball valve been successfully developed and widely used in oil and gas industry, especially the China Petro-WEST TO EAST NATRUAL GAS PIPLINE are using large amount of WUZHOU fully-welded ball valves with zero leakage. Recently, WUZHOU valve developed spherical fully-welded ball valves with 2 part body. It is the first valve manufacturer in China that using the 2 part body spherical fully-welded ball valves design, and the biggest size that WUZHOU can make is up to 56 inch.

Compare to the 3 part body fully-weled ball valves, the 2 part body spherical fully-welded ball valves only with one welding line so that the leakage point will less than 3 part body design and much safer, in the meantime, it accelerate the production time. On the other hand, the weight of 2 part body spherical fully-weled much less than the 3 part body design, it save the material and make the valve body looks wonderful.

The features of WUZHOU spherical fully-welded ball valves are: the valves are with flanges or weld ends, for above ground or below ground installation,secondary sealant injection for main seal and actuator trunnions, draining and venting connections, trunnion-mounted ball plug, anti-blow out stem (shrink-fit and welded), and triple trunnion seal with additional fire-safe seal. The main seal is primary metallic/secondary soft (PMSS), soft sealing (SO), and the seat was designed as double piston or single piston, and also with DBB(Double Block Bleed)Design.