Elliott Manufacturing Inc.

The modern option for remote manual valve operation

Elliott Mfg. "SafeOperator" Remote Valve Operators were chosen to replace existing chain wheel operators on valves located in plant areas that are difficult to access. The chain wheel operators had become unreliable and the loose dangling chains had become a safety hazard for workers in these confined areas. SafeOperator™ FS2 direct flex-shaft driven systems provided safe, reliable valve actuation from a distance.

The proven Elliott "FlexShaft" allows the SafeOperator™ Remote Valve Actuator system to be routed around obstructions providing a safe and convenient operator location.

Each SafeOperator™ system is custom designed to match your valve application. System components are available for almost all valve configurations to provide reliable, remote operation up to 100 feet away. Each system is designed to be field installed by your maintenance personnel.

In this application, SafeOperator™ FS2 direct drive systems with 10’ long panel mount FlexShafts were used to couple to 2" Newco gate valves located overhead. The FlexShaft was attached to structural supports and routed through three 90° bends to the operator station. The panel mount FlexShaft option allowed for a simple mounting plate welded to the existing structure to serve as the operator station.

Let us show you how an Elliott SafeOperator™ system can give you dependable, mechanical, operation of your valves located in hazardous or difficult to access locations.