Paladon Systems Limited

Turkmenistan Offshore Project Win

Paladon Systems to supply 13 self-contained electro-hydraulic systems for the Garagol Deniz West Offshore Facilities project

To be fitted to 6” Class 10,000 choke valves, these compact self-contained electro-hydraulic systems will provide valve 0.5% or better. Remote control will be provided via a 4 - 20mA signal using HART communications and local control will be provided via push button stations and an infrared handheld controller.

Senior Sales Engineer Kalam Mohammad, “In the last couple of years we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for our self-contained electro-hydraulic systems, particularly for new offshore platforms. The increase in offshore applications appears to be primarily due to the fact that our systems are far more compact and lightweight than traditional pneumatic or hydraulic valve actuators systems and don’t require the cumbersome infrastructure needed to support the older valve automation technologies.

The Garagol Deniz West Offshore Oil project is an extension of the Garagol Deniz offshore oil field development in the Caspian and first oil is expected by the middle of 2015. The extension includes a wellhead platform with 75 km of crude pipelines running to the onshore gas terminal at Kiyanly.