Weka AG

WEKA Cryogenic Components

High Pressure Shut-Off Valve answering SIL 1 / SIL 2 requirements

WEKA Cryogenic Components serve applications in ultra low temperatures down to 1.8K (-271°C). Main fluids are liquefied gases such as Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen etc. Applications for our components are in basic research, in plasma and fusion power research as well as in further cutting edge technologies are continuously requesting new product ideas and developments.

The full product range includes control- and shut-off valves, couplings, check valves etc. where components are needed to handle the flow of fluid.

WEKA cryogenic components are supplied in a size range starting from DN2 up to DN300 and for standard pressure ranges PN20 to PN50.

Beside our standard range, special applications can even request for PN1000! In addition to, it is available the SIL 1 approval for our high pressure valve DN15 & DN25 / PN640!!