Zhejiang Poro Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sino-US Joint Venture

bi-directional butterfly valve

100% sealing
1.this product is researched and manufactured by PORO for many years, which overcome the shortcoming of traditional metal seal butterfly valve, which is pressured from single direction..
2.This product is designed with good seat, which can be maintain and increase sealing under opposite direction pressure automatically. This design is unique, scientific and reliable.
3.This product has been tested for many times and some clients said the pressure of opposite direction is the same as the positive direction. It can ensure the opposite direction sealing according to normal pressure 1.1 times.
4.It adopts multiplex sealing structure between seat and body. The sealing performance is very good, resist high temperature and high pressure, which can replace gate valve for use. The operation is easy and efficient is well. Compared with gate valve, globe valve or ball valve, this butterfly has lower weight and lower material cost. It is a good choice.
5.The product can be used in multi flow direction projects.
The connection is flanged, wafer or BW or Lug wafer.