While economic realities will continue to be the defining factor when considering implementing a "Green Strategy" for migration to alternative fuels and/or vehicles, the fact is that gasoline and diesel vehicles will remain mainstays in the automotive market for many years to come. It’s just too expensive to convert entire fleets to CNG, LPG or electric.

However, up to 90% of engine emissions can be reduced by installing the gasoline version of the DynoValve on vehicles. Independent testing confirms and documents these results, according to Richard Messerschmidt, SaviCorp’s Director of Special Projects. He says that SaviCorp has a cost effective, validated Emission Reduction Technology (ERT) product that not only reduces emissions up to and/or more than 90%, but improves MPG and substantially improves engine performance which also leads to lowering the amount of fuel and oil used.

The DynoValve has been inspected and tested by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), an attestation to its carbon offset capabilities.