In its bid to demonstrate the ability of Ocean Power Technologies’ Power Buoy systems to produce utility-rade, renewable energy that can be transmitted to the grid, OPT has completed the first-ever grid connection of a wave energy device in the US at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) in conjunction with the US Navy.
The PB40 PowerBuoy is part of OPT's ongoing programme with the US Navy to develop and test the Company's PowerBuoy wave energy technology. The programme also aims to demonstrate system reliability and survivability, and the successful interconnection with the grid serving MCBH.
The buoy was deployed on 14 December 2009, off the coast of Oahu in water depth of 100ft, and to date has operated and produced power from over 3 million power take-off cycles and 4,400 hours of operation. The system has on-board sensors that monitor a range of system performance variables, external conditions and lifecycle parameters.