The FireBag self-actuated gas shut-off device is a passive device that automatically closes the supply of gas in the event of fire, preventing the spread of fire which can lead to gas explosions. The FireBag shuts off gas supply when ambient temperatures reach 212°F. Its fusible alloy melts when the outside temperature reaches 203-212°F, releasing its plug to completely close the flow of gas.

It works day and night, weekends and holidays without any manual intervention, and does not rely on anyone to find a manual valve or locate a wrench to close the gas supply.
Active devices such as fire extinguishers have become standard fixtures in U.S. kitchens within the last few decades. And now, for less than the cost of a fire extinguisher, a gas appliance can be equipped with the FireBag passive device, to protect a home or business even when no one is at the location.

The FireBag is installed in the pipes that supply gas to ranges, ovens, wall heaters, boilers, or any gas appliance. When integrated with gas valves, the FireBag can be installed as a manual shut off device as well eliminating the need for a separate on/off valve. Utilities also install integrated FireBag safety devices, including valves, at gas meters inside buildings.