Shipham Valves’ Technical Director Ron Strang is to present a paper titled “Composite Resin Valves: the Material and its Quality Assurance” at Valve World 2010. Ron graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Aston University in 1981 and, from Hull University with an MBA in 2007.

Ron has worked in the design and development of valves for nearly 30 years. The general trend Ron foresees within the valve industry is that customers are prepared to spend increasingly more money in order to ensure they get the quality of product they require. Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico can only serve to emphasise this trend.

According to Mr Strang, gaining some acceptance of epoxy resin composite valve will be a significant challenge, particularly as there are no material or valve standards in this area. The material is significantly different to the usual metallic materials and the demand for appropriate quality assurance is therefore difficult to satisfy.

Asked what he wants to achieve at this year’s event, he points out that his presentation aims to suggest how appropriate standards along with a suitable quality assurance measures can be provided.