Siemens Energy is set to build two 750MW plants with its South Korean partner for the project, GS E&C. The plants will initially go on line in May 2012 as simple-cycle gas turbine installations with the extension to combined cycle stations to follow by April 2013.

The overall investment is approximately USD 1.7 billion. Barka III and Sohar II will be the first turnkey plants built by Siemens in Oman. Barka III will be erected in the immediate vicinity of the coastal city of Barka in northern Oman and Sohar II will be built in the Sohar industrial park approximately 200km W of the capital Muscat.

In addition to turnkey construction, Siemens will also supply the main components for each of these plants including two SGT5 4000F gas turbines, one SST5 5000 steam turbine, three Sgen5 2000H generators, electrical equipment and SPPA T3000 instrumentation and control system. The project includes a long term service agreement for the gas turbines. GS E&C will supply the heat-recovery steam generators and will be responsible for the civil works, transformers and ancillary systems as well as equipment installation.