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Fluorten obtains API 6A certification

Fluorten announces to have obtained the approval according to API 6A.
This new approval comes in addition to legislation Norsok M-710 Ed. 3 for high-performance materials for application in the Oil & Gas, based on PTFE and HPP - high performance polymers, referred to as F-10 -XX,.
With this new certificate, Fluorten becomes and important reference name among the market leaders in the field of Oil & Gas product’s offering for both materials and specific approvals for components like: seats and inserts for valves (floating and trunnion), SES - Seals Turn power, components for reciprocating compressors, custom-made parts to drawing and so on.
Among key industrial applications, Fluorten manufactures and supplies:
• Pure, filled and modified PTFE stock shapes and finished CNC machined customized engineered parts.
• Victrex PEEK ™ and PCTFE tubes and machined seals, seats and inserts rings.
• Valves and general industrial customized components (high pressure, from high to cryogenic temperatures).
• PTFE and Technopolymers spring energized seals. Norsok and M710. 3 and API 6A approved.
• Reciprocating compressors and HPP PTFE seals and bearings including Victrex PEEK ™ discs for plate valves (e.g.Oil & Gas, PET bottle blowing, compressed technical gases, etc.).
• PTFE etching for bonding (tapes and finished parts).
• PTFE bridge bearings (acc. To EN-1337/2) and for oil and gas offshore / ship launching pads, pipe line supports and sliding plates in general.
• Slipper seals and Fluor / S bearing tapes for sealing and bearing in hydraulic industry.
• Fluor / SC tapes for machines CNC sliding plate bearings.
• Technopolymers injection molding and machining with inhouse molds design and manufacturing.
• Official distributors DuPont ™ Vespel®, SGPPL Rulon®
• Fully equipped Quality Control laboratory for mechanical, physical and dimensional tests - from raw material to finished parts controlled production chain - with specific certificates issued on demand.
• SPC "in line" stations workshops.
• Certified to EN 9100 (Aerospace supplying), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
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