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Revolutionary sealing technology of the future


Elastic metal seals are used when the ambient conditions are too extreme for conventional seals. This applies in particular to applications in which hydrogen is used. The currently available elastic metal seals with spring support are increasingly being used in static hydrogen sealing applications.
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Interaction between dams and valves


Industrial valves and dams form a significant symbiosis in the context of contemporary water supply and power generation. Smooth coordination between these two elements is essential to effectively use water resources while ensuring safety and control over these vital resources.
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The European Hydrogen Bank from the perspective of the German process industry


The first auction of the European Hydrogen Bank (EHB) will take place on 23 November 2023. The conditions for participation were already announced on 29 August by the Climate Division of the European Commission.
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Moving into a green future thanks to modern positioners


The introduction of sustainable processes as well as the reduction of environmental impact are important challenges that the process industry has to meet.
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PFAS substance group soon history?


Per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFAS) are a group of more than 10,000 synthetic compounds that are used in commercial products as well as in various industrial applications due to their water-, grease- and dirt-repellent properties.
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Effects of the shortage of skilled workers on the industrial valves sector


The current political, social, and geopolitical situation - war in Ukraine, environmental protection, and economic competition with China - poses numerous challenges for Germany. The issue of skilled workers is of major importance because the location needs skilled workers for functioning industries and recovery.
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