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Germany's Industry is Ailing


Almost 25 years ago, the British economic magazine "The Economist" labeled Germany as the "sick man of Europe." The combination of reunification, a calcified labor market, and declining export demand were troubling the economy at the time. Numerous reforms in the early 2000s ushered in a golden age.
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Data-Driven Decision-Making: Early Detection of Flood Risks


Floods result from prolonged, widespread rainfall, short-term intense downpours, or snowmelt during the winter and spring seasons. Mountainous regions are particularly at risk, as are landscapes characterized by valleys or gorges.
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Underground storage of hydrogen – a business opportunity for valve manufacturers?


On April 24, Europe's largest gas storage operator Uniper Energy Storage announced the results of a two-month market survey on hydrogen. The result: the demand for hydrogen storage capacity is likely to increase enormously over the next few years. What does this mean for the valve manufacturer?
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Digital Product Passport: the future of sustainability


Sustainability is the big issue of our time. To do justice to it, Europe is focussing on the circular economy, among other things, flanked by numerous regulations. The Digital Product Passport (DPP) plays a key role in achieving this - so that companies can not only fulfil requirements, but also seize opportunities and develop new business models, products and services.
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The special features of drinking water seals


Drinking water seals play a crucial role in ensuring the hygiene and integrity of the drinking water system. These specialised seals are designed to prevent contaminants from entering the water system while ensuring that water does not leak under the various pressure conditions within the system.
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Investing in the future


Some companies in the industrial valves and sealing technology sector are pursuing a strategy of investing their money in stone. They are focussing on expanding their production, warehouse or office capacities. It doesn't matter whether they are a medium-sized company or an international corporation - investments are being made in almost all sizes.
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GET H2 Nucleus: Hydrogen for the chemical industry


In the GET H2 initiative, more than 50 partners from science, administration and industry are trying to build a hydrogen infrastructure in the triangle between North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and the Netherlands.
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Moving away from CO2: measurement technology for decarbonisation


As part of the energy transition, the industry has a clear goal: to convert its energy supply to a sustainable basis using renewable energies. This change is aimed at reducing or even eliminating anthropogenic CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuels.
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The importance of seals in the food industry


The effects of the ongoing energy crisis, the currently weakening economy and the numerous global military conflicts are being felt in all areas of industry. Manufacturers and processors of food and animal feed are also facing considerable challenges.
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Digitalised industrial age


Digitalisation is finding its way into the world of industrial valves. More and more companies are relying on the networking of machines and systems in order to optimise processes and reduce costs.
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