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Visual position indicator LI for regulating valves

Innovative patented design of the indicator LI allows to use our limit switch box series GP,GI and GD for all the applications where it is required to adjust the visual indicator based on the real stroke. Mainly designed to be used on regulating valves, the display position angle range between 15° and 90°, and setup does not require the removal of any parts.

Easy regulation in four step:

1.Slightly loosen the four mounting screws of the indicator on the box cover

2.Turn the polycarbonate cover dome inside to adjust the indicator based on the real stroke

3.Tighten the 4 screws

4.Run the valve and check the correct position 

Easy to install Guardbox limit switch box on control valves. The control valves have a different actuation system from the on/off valves and require a complete redesign of the indication system and detection of the stroke position. Guardbox limit switch box with LI indicator may be used with our simple conversion kit able to convert motion from linear to rotary. Custom solution can be provided for each type of these valves.

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