Elfab Limited

Cost-effective detection system resists harsh Offshore Marine environments

Flo-Tel XD Burst Detection System

Rupture disc burst detection system widely adopted in cost-sensitive Oil and Gas sector

Since its launch, the industry’s first Exd approved burst detection system developed by leading UK-manufacturer, Elfab, has been widely adopted across Oil and Gas companies worldwide.

Flo-Tel XD offers a significant advantage in that it can be installed utilizing the protection concepts Exd, Exi and Ext, meaning it is extremely versatile and can be used in Zones 0, 1 and 2, subject to the EX concept chosen. It provides an excellent solution for identifying when a rupture disc functions within arduous operating conditions.

Particular benefits have been seen within the Offshore Marine environment, where the newly developed Stainless Steel-cased Flo-Tel XD is being installed to address the concern of corrosion. The robust, flameproof detection system is intrinsically safe and rated to IP67. It is certified by ATEX and IECEX and can be used across many international markets.

The cost-savings now being realized by Flo-Tel XD users are extremely timely, given the volatility of the global Oil and Gas sector. Firstly, Elfab’s integrated magnetic detection technology avoids re-wiring costs following a rupture disc burst, as only the disc need replacing. Elfab developed the original system over a decade ago, offering customers across a wide range of industries the unique features of ATEX Zone 0, non-invasive, failsafe and re-useable detection. Ongoing maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum, as periodic checks can be carried out by a non-electrically-qualified fitter using the Test-Tel™ installation tool.

Where Exd-protection is required, installation of Flo-Tel XD in the first instance avoids the costly upgrade of an existing system, and the additional material choice now meets the requirements of the most unforgiving Offshore settings.